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From there, you can either tap to preview those files, or tap Browse Items from the Files app , which opens the Files app inside GarageBand so you can navigate to your audio clip. If you already have the audio you want in your Apple Music library, you can get to that from the same spot.

Just tap the Music tab at the top of the Loops window:. To split the clip, drag the playhead the little line that moves when you play the track to the spot where you want to cut the audio. Then, double-tap the audio clip, and pick Split from the black popover bubble.

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Do this at the other end of the section you want to keep. Then double-tap the leftover clips, and pick Delete from the black popover bubble. However you slice it, you should make sure that a your clip is 30 seconds or less, and b you drag it to the beginning of the timeline. It should snap into place when you do so. Close the song by tapping My Songs in the top left of the screen.

How to make ringtones for an iPhone

This takes you back to the Files view. Long-press on your new song, and tap Rename. In the following screen, tap Ringtone , and follow along.

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You'll need to export a copy of the song and edit it to a suitable length 30 seconds or less , if necessary. You can edit within iTunes and then export, or, if you wish, you can edit with an additional app such as QuickTime after exporting. For this tutorial, we'll do the editing from within iTunes itself.

Click on the options tab, and adjust the start and stop times to capture the portion of the song you want as your tone. Of course, if the sound is already less than 30 seconds, this adjustment is optional. You must do this even if the file was already in AAC format! Copy the file and put it somewhere convenient, such as the desktop, then change its file extension from. Some protected music cannot be imported unfortunately. Tap on a song to preview it.

When you find the one you want, hold down on the row to make a draggable item.

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If you move a finger a little, the modal picker will dismiss and you can then drop the song into the tracks. You can now delete the placeholder noise you made earlier, leaving you with just the desired music track. To delete a track, tap on it to select it and tap again to show the context menu. Remember, ringtones have a maximum duration of 30 seconds. Use the trimming and split editing features of GarageBand to select the part of the song you want to hear.

How To Set Any iPhone song as a Ringtone

To split a clip, move the playhead to a point in the file. Confirm you are in the right spot and simply pull down on the scissors to split the clip into two. The default is 8 bars, or sixteen seconds. When you have your finished sound, up to 30 seconds in length, you are now ready to save it as a ringtone. Awkwardly, this cannot be achieved in the editor UI.

How to Make Your Own Ringtones for iPhone on iTunes

Find your song in the Recents tray. Long-press on it to reveal contextual menu options. Tap Share.

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