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But after 12 hours of waiting, they chose to come out through a side gate, avoiding us not only SJ but all other artists who arrived on the same flight, it was KBS's decision. Plus, the exact same thing happened during the Super Show 3 time. We waited since so early in the morning but they came out through a staff exit too. I felt betrayed I was exhausted and frustrated at the time. A lot of ELFs cried hard, but I didn't. I felt pissed more than sad though I did feel sad too. But still, the next day would be Kyuhyun's flight and I still had the chance to meet him.

So my friends and I and a lot of ELFs spent the night at the airport lying on the floor, on the benches, I and my friend Kyu bias too couldn't sleep. We wanted to meet him at the airport so badly, cause we still didn't have the tickets and there was a high chance that it would be the only place we could see him. So I asked my friend at home to go online and search for photos of the just-arrived group at the airport to find traces of the place they actually went out through.

Plus when we went to the cafeteria nearby my friend overheard someone saying that at first SJ was planned to arrive at the gate we were waiting but in the end they changed to XX gate. And we even met an airport staff at the gate by chance, and she kindly told us that SJ left through that gate. So we made a quick guess that if they came out safely this time through this gate, they wouldn't risk themselves to arrive at the main gate again. And one of the security also told us that this time KBS didn't hire special securities to guard at the airport like usual.

So who would risk the idols going right into the middle of a bunch of crazy fans who could jump at them anytime without any security? We was quite assured by that and felt lucky that we found out about something not many people knew, and that maybe the next day we could see Kyu in a close distance and maybe could give him the gifts just some food we bought at the airport: We were so disappointed. More people knowing about it would mean less chance of them going through that gate. But it was always last minute decision as to from where they would come out so we only knew it last minute.

Around the time of their arrival, there were still no securities at the normal gate so we were quite sure they wouldn't arrive there, so we rushed to the side staff gate but a lot of people were already there. So we took our spot and waited, and there was actually a bus alike to that from yesterday that picked up Teuk Sung Hyuk Hae arriving and going into that gate.

So we waited, and there was a security staff that I found familiar cause I saw him last tim in Super Show 3 Vietnam.

So I was quite assured they would come out through that gate. But we waited for quite long but SJ didn't come out, and in the end it turned out they came out through ANOTHER staff gate, but luckily the bus still had to pass the gate we were waiting so when the bus was passing by, we saw some of them inside it! I saw Siwon opening the curtain and taking photos of us. I also saw Shindong. But no Kyuhyun. My friend too, she only saw Ming who took out a pink camera to take photos of fans one of which was uploaded later onto his twitter. At all.

We were so desperate, the last chance was wasted just like that. After that, we took a cab to follow them to the rehearsal, and one of the other friends told us that she saw Kyu on the bus, he was sitting on the seat on the other side of the bus so we couldn't see him. But she could see him while peeking through the window gap where Siwon opened the curtain. On the way to the rehearsal site, I got a call from my classmate. She said she got me a ticket!!

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A ticket!!! Officially they were FREE. But nowhere to be found. I wanted to scream but I got only 1 ticket and my friends who were on the cab with me didn't have any so I couldn't. So when we arrived at the rehearsal site and SJ had gone inside much earlier cause we waited for each other and couldn't follow right after it , my friends were there looking for some tickets at affordable prices while I went home to take a bath and grabbed some necessary stuffs to go to the concert. After that, I went to the hotel waiting for the boys to come after finishing the rehearsal but in the end I couldn't wait till the time they came cause I had to go to the concert hall to get the ticket and get inside.

The boys actually left the rehearsal site quite late when I was already inside to go back to the hotel and have dinner. But then again, when I was already inside, one of my classmates who got the ticket and came with me said her father found her another ticket!! I was so happy cause I and my Kyu bias friend are such close friends and I must say everytime we stalked the boys or any Kpop stars, if we separated, things just didn't work out!

Last time in Super Show 3 we separated and Kyu didn't notice neither of us, but when 2AM came and I decided to give up my seat to sit next to her, Seulong actually waved to only us 2 from a far side of the stage! So I called her right away telling her to go get the ticket.

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So she went to the promised site and got 2 tickets, so we gave it to another close friend of us. About me, my classmates got 4 tickets for 4 of us, but 2 were on the 1st floor and 2 were on the 2nd floor. My classmates didn't agree to switch with me when they found out. But luckily the tickets my Kyu bias friend got were from the 1st floor so I waited for her and the other friend to arrive to switch with the other friend and in the end we were sitting next to each other, me holding a KyuHyuk banner her holding a KyuHae banner lol We had 2 Mr Simple Kyu ver album with us too.

We suddenly came up with the idea that we would hold the KyuHyuk and KyuHae banners at the same time, right next to each other lol Our seats were right in the middle, facing the stage, it was perfect for them to see cause when they looked to the front of the stage they would see us right away it's just not that close to the stage. So about the concert. It was amazing. Every song was cheered along from the start. The cheer was amazing, everyone like memorized some of the main lyrics and would sing along.

There was a technical problem during Shock but it was okay and they did an encore.

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Yoseob smiled a lot: D Then IU appeared! My IU!!!!

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I was too busy fanchanting that I even forgot to hold up my IU banner, not until my friend told me to xD She was so cute, she smiled a lot. When I watched the fancam later, she smiled to people sitting nearer on the left side of the stage. But still, I was happy. I was the only crazy fangirl chanting to her songs in that area like, the official fancheer lol My friend said my voice was echoing lol I could see she was happy and that was enough: D The concert went on and I sang along to every song every part that I knew xD The artists were amazed at how their songs were known in Vietnam I could tell.

Even Sistar and Secret, their songs were well followed. When there was only 1 song left till SJ came out, I could feel my heart race. I was about to see Kyuhyun.

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For the first time after waiting desperately for days. My friend and I, we couldn't focus on the song anymore and kept holding hands because we were shaking xD And then it was SJ's turn and the hall was like about to burst because of the cheering. It was mostly ELF there. The first song was Superman. It was dark in the beginning so I like kept asking my friend "Where's Kyu? Where's Kyu?

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