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MadCatz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 keyboard is as gratuitous as they come

The keyboard is pretty amazing, well the concept of it anyway. I have Windows10 and after putting the keyboard together, it lit up and screen started to glow and function. The kit did not come with install instructions so I resorted to going to the website to download the drivers and product software all not included unless it was plug-n-play , but that was about it. The keyboard will not install due to the firmware not being supported or recognized by Windows10, nor will the product software install to program the keys.

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I contacted customer support which responded next day so that was excellent and was told to contact my motherboard manufacture to download the latest chipset drivers my computer is less than 2 months old. If that failed I had to install the keyboard on a computer with Windows7 who has that? They provided a patch in which I installed and followed the keyboard boot sequence that was directed and I have still yet to have the keyboard function in which it was designed to do, so right now it is just a regular keyboard that looks neat.

I pretty much gave up so I'm awaiting a patch to hopefully resolve the issue. This keyboard is a high class keyboard great for gamers and business alike. I have had this keyboard for 2 years now and it has held up great, however i do have a couple of complaints The macros, parts, keys, everything is customizable! It even comes with its own kit to take keys off with and add new ones. However, it is not the companies fault, Entirely, the directions to download them are pretty rough it's just so easy computers can not load the drivers correctly.

You don't even need the drivers to run the keyboard either. Details you should be aware of But since then it has gone down and is more reasonable. But I would not recommend such a complicated and pricey board for those who are just using it for business or mild gaming.

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Cannot be changed You are also stuck with UK time. Over all.. I think this board is well worth the investment, due to its customizable parts, working touch screen, and sleek look. And despite what others say about it, it will remain my favorite keyboard that I have ever gotten.

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I bought this keyboard for several reasons: My largest disappointment was that the arrow keys on the game pad couldn't be re-programmed to be WASD keys. This failed the very simple task of allowing me to not have to re-bind keys in every game I play, but instead just build out profiles on the keyboard. Since I would be playing with a programmable game pad, I would have to build a keyboard profile, but I would also have to re-bind keys in game to accommodate the numerous keys that are not programmable. The M keys were not easy to reach and not viable game buttons.

I ended up using them for ESC and other keys that I would normally have to lift my hand completely from the keyboard to hit. The bottom M key was the only one I could reach just barely with my pinkey, and it would not consistently respond to key presses because it was being pressed at an angle.

This made it a bad button to try to use for a crouch or sprint key, or any other key necessary to gameplay. Basically, the M keys are not usable for gaming. It's primary purpose was to drive the software that runs the keyboard. Without the touchscreen, the keyboard does not work.

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So if you want this keyboard and don't care about the touchscreen, which is reasonable, then know that a very large chunk of your money is going to a feature you won't use and can also have errors and break the rest of your keyboard, as mine did. The ability to launch applications from the Venom sounds nice, but it ultimately is no more useful than simply clicking an icon on your desktop or Start menu.

You can control the RGB lights through it, but that easily could have been built into the profile software, which you still need to install on your PC to get the keyboard to use programmable keys. Another let-down for me was that one of the USB cables shipped was damaged, and although no damage was apparent externally, it caused the VENOM touchscreen to crash repeatedly. Possibly USB 3. It doesn't matter, because I couldn't find any USB 3. This also ruined my plans of setting the keyboard on top of my desk and the gameboard on my keyboard tray with my mouse, since the cables they provided couldn't reach that distance.

The profile software was the same software used for the RAT mouse. Why Mad Catz doesn't make a single piece of software that handles all Cyborg peripherals is beyond me.