Mac mini video card upgrade

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Configure a Mac Mini (2018) for Video Editing

View as: BizonBOX 3. External GPU for Mac. Blackmagic eGPU. Enjoy supersmooth gaming, accelerate graphics-intensive pro app workflows, and enable VR experiences or content creation. AKiTiO Node. Asus XG Station Pro. Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Box. John Savio. Hi, unfortunately u cannot upgrade ur graphics card because it comes soldered to the logic board.

Good luck. Michael Slomma. On the other hand - the HD is a quite potent graphics solution. Some tests shows that even crysis will run on appropriate framerates.

SOLVED: Intel HD Graphics Card Upgradability? - Mac Mini Late - iFixit

I do personally play games like torchlight, diablo 3 and world of warcraft and these will run very smoothly without raising the system fan to the limits. Magma Thunderbolt chassis. Steve - Knew about the Thunderbolt expansion chassis. The issue is what graphics cards with have OS-X drivers that you could use. So far these products have teased us but will they ship and will PCI card vendors make the needed drivers.

The Mac mini 2018 finally brings Thunderbolt 3

Thats why I said it's wishful, not real yet and may never be. Thunderbolt only operates over 4x PCI Express 2. That means HD should be better. It depends on what you need, Intel is integrated, and uses system RAM to operate. Upgrading to ram increases the ram dedicates to video, for example I'm running 16GB on my 6.

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Keep in mind this will always be DDR3, which is slower than a dedicated card. If DDR3 isn't fast enough for you, Thunderbolt may someday be your solution. I have a 6 year old base iMac white and there is a thin red line running vertically. This happened within a year and a half of owning it.

I'm am afraid if I get this Mac mini with the same type of integrated graphics card as my old imac, then it might fail, with NO chance of repair. I'm quite sure that your red line on your screen will be a screen issue and not one of your graphics card. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit.

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Back Answers Index. Mac mini Late Released on October 23, I fully applaud Apple for adding this connection — it is valuable and needed! This screen shot illustrates what I recommend. It is a workhorse for media compression — which is my principle reason for buying the unit. I only use it as a back-up system for video editing. Hello Larry, thnx for The Mac mini review! What would you recommend? Gretings from The Netherlands, John. The Mac mini has a lot of ports on it already: Do I need to upgrade the external drive. What you will do with this much RAM is future-proof your computer.

This means that you need MUCH more bandwidth from your storage to edit multicam. For example, editing three cameras requires 4x the bandwidth of a single camera.

Ultimate Mac mini Setup - 2018

The Mac mini only supports Thunderbolt 3, which is 4x faster. There are many to choose from. The trade off you make between CPUs is speed.

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Yes, it can edit 4k. When the CPUs were maxed, the system still was not very loud. Your opinion may be different, as loud means different things to different people.

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  6. Yes, as long as they attached via USB-C. I know almost anything is better but am concerned about what I need to replace it with for best future use.

    Video review

    I heard an bad report about the Graphics card int uhh or editing and am impressed with the reports about the Mac mini so I am in a quandary as to what to go with. I do like the mobility of a Mac bk pro but hate issues like I have had that eventually sent me to the library to finish a project. What would would you recommend and why from the models? Thank you. And is there a place besides Apple refurb to get a satisfactory reconditioned model? Second, the only possible answer is: Next, more recent computers will do more faster, but any computer released in the last three years will edit video perfectly.

    Any GPU will render video perfectly. The trade off is speed, not image quality. The more you spend, the faster you go. So, how important is speed compared to price? This is fine for databases, media compression and business tasks, but less so for video editing and video effects. Again, not in quality, but in speed. So, look at your budget, figure out what you really NEED and are willing to pay extra for. Then, for refurbished gear, look at http: