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Here's what i got: That is it. Is it somehow grabbing port 80 before apache does? If i kill it, it seems to restart itself. I was able to kill the process and restart apache right away.

macos - How can I open port 80 so a non-root process can bind to it? - Ask Different

That seems to keep it from restarting. But this seems far from an ideal situation. How is this supposed to work? Is my config mixed up somewhere apachectl configtest: Should i start a new post?

How to fix XAMPP apache "Unable to open process" Port 80 in use with PID 4 FIX 2016

Thank you so much for your help. If the request is for something in the cache it serves it without bothering Apache, providing a performance boost for certain content. It's started automatically as part of the standard Apache installation if 'Performance cache' is enabled on any of your sites.

Mac OSX – What program is using port 80

The solution is to disable the Performance Cache on each and every site you run. There are two common ways to accomplish this, and which you choose will depend on why you're trying to work around the restriction: Point port 80 to another port, such as By reconfiguring your machine to pass all port 80 traffic to port , or any port of your choosing, then you can allow user space servers to receive root privilege ports in the area they are given access to. The process is straightforward: Step 1: View current firewall rules.

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  • Add port forwarding rule 80 to sudo ipfw add fwd Use Authbind Authbind was designed specifically to allow one program access to lower level ports without giving it full root access. There is an OS X port: Adam Davis Adam Davis 6, 12 49 It lets you run, for example, a web server on port 80 - as a "regular Administrator". OS X Yosemite removes ipfw.

    This gist describes an alternative solution using pf. Note that redirecting traffic to unprivileged port can be insecure if you're on a shared environment; another process may bind to that port before your program does or if your program unbind the port even momentarily for a quick restart.

    Mac OS X: find the program running on a port

    You can use ncat to forward traffic from a web server running on some other port: Mathew Hall Mathew Hall 7 7. This is a good workaround. MacPorts itself can be installed from macports. This just gives me bind: Same here - didn't work.

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    This did the trick: Jan 19 '16 at Here is a script I use, which stops native apache if it's running and forwards traffic: There are many other good tutorials on using shell commands out there on Medium and other sites, such as StackOverflow. Sign in Get started. Home dev Learn to code for free. Feb 25, Never miss a story from freeCodeCamp. Learn more.